creamy pumpkin custard, nothing like your usual fall pumpkin pie

​German Chocolate               

 chocolate fudge pie with coconut and pecans

Lemon Chess               

 lemon custard pie

Availability of some pies are determined by seasonal ingredients.

Strawberry Rhubarb              

 seasonal fresh strawberries and rhubarb with brown sugar butter crumb

​Apple Caramel Crunch  

apple pie with a brown sugar oatmeal crumb topping with caramel drizzled over top

Pumpkin Praline             

 a layered pie of cream cheese, creamy pumpkin custard with a walnut praline topping

​Banana Black Bottom  

 layer of chocolate ganache with fresh bananas and vanilla cream on top

Fresh Peach Pie               

 two crust pie made with seasonal fresh marekt peaches

​Coconut Custard             

 creamy smooth custard with shredded coconut
Triple Berry w/ Coconut Topping 
  fresh blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries with a coconut butter crumb

​Key Lime               

 BEST Key Lime pie ever, just the fight amount of creamy and tart

Sweet Potato             

 a creamier version of the traditional pie

​Coconut Pineapple                

 an original recipe made with two of my favorite ingredients, coconut and pineapple!

Old Fashioned Cherry              

 yummy tart cherry pie

Lemon Meringue               

 tangy lemon custard with a light fluffy merengue

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Southern Pecan              

 a luscious buttery pecan pie

Prices Vary. Please ask or call us for specific prices.

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Cinnamon Rolls            7                   $6.00

Dinner Rolls                 12                  $4.00

Chocolate Chip

Walnut Cookies            6                   $5.00